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Image: Swirl Dots     President Ronald Reagan said, "America is freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. Freedom is special and rare."  This is the greatest country on earth – and I am proud and grateful to God, every day, to be a citizen of the United States of America.  Today, as we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, cookouts, and traditional American cultural activities, I also hope you will…  Proudly fly the American flag…  Say the Pledge of Allegiance…  Remember to honor those who sacrificed everything for our freedom…  And pray to our gracious God for the...

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We sometimes get so busy running errands and making sure that our to-do lists are checked off that we miss the most simple and enjoyable things that are right in front of our eyes. We fail to notice some of the most beautiful sights and sounds because we aren't really looking and listening. These small, insignificant things can actually bring joy into our lives.  We need to clear our minds of daily clutter and appreciate the precious moments that God has provided for us while we are still here on this earth. For example, here is a scenario of something...

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