Custom Shell and Coral Tile Mural, High Quality (will not fade), Indoor or Outdoor, Beach Wall Tiles, Backsplash, Shower

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Custom Seashells & Coral Tile mural - 28" x 28" using 4" tiles.

Note: This tile mural was custom made for a customer using 49 4"tiles (7 tiles across x 7 tiles high).

The color varies from the original Seashells & Coral Tile mural at this link:

TILES SHIP IN 4-6 WEEKS. No rush orders please. Thank you. We appreciate your business.

Please let me know if you would like to have a different size using 4" or 6" tiles and I will send you a quote.


The 6” tiles that we use for murals measure 6” square. They have a 1/16” grout tab (Lug) on the side as a spacer.

- 6" PORCELAIN TILES are also available. Porcelain tiles will withstand wet and freeze/thaw environments. The porcelain tile has a higher degree of moisture resistance. The 6” porcelain tile is not high gloss. It has a matte finish and the surface is a little rough as this is also used as outdoor floor tile and is surface to help prevent slips and falls. Please make sure that your tile installer is an expert in installing tiles for extreme temperatures and/or flooring. If you have any questions about porcelain tiles, please let me know.

- Also available as 4" glossy tiles. Please inquire about pricing and tile mural sizes.

Unique & fun "one of a kind" beach art unlike any other tile murals on the market!

We guarantee that OUR CUSTOM CERAMIC TILES WILL NOT FADE even after a lifetime of use in direct outdoor sunlight. This is NOT a sublimation product with fading and wear issues (many tiles on the market are not high quality and cost less).

These are glossy HIGH QUALITY ceramic tiles for commercial & residential use. The manufacturing process results in high resolution, kiln fired (1600 + degrees Fahrenheit) and exceptionally durable (TCA tested to deliver true commercial ceramic custom tile performance) one-of-a-kind art ceramic tiles.

- True ceramic pigment (inorganic) chemistry.
- Fired at 1600+ degrees Fahrenheit.
- UV fade resistant; thus commercially useful indoors or out.
- These tiles are not frost free so they should not be used in moist areas that freeze. In some areas where freezing temperatures occur, we recommend that the tiles are installed under a shelter or porch area.

Tile mural ideas:
- Kitchen backsplash tiles
- Bathroom and shower tiles
- Indoor and outdoor cooking areas
- Place tiles on the front of a fireplace
- Pool areas
- Porches & Patio
- Outdoor BBQ areas
- Tabletops
- Restaurants & commercial use
- Signage
- Shampoo niche in shower stall
- Laundry Room
- Furniture, dressers, tables, etc.
- Flooring with very light to moderate traffic
- And whatever you can imagine!

Our tile murals may be used by:
- Interior Decorators and Designers
- Architects
- General Contractors and Developers
- Kitchen and Bath Designers and Remodelers
- Swimming Pool Installers
- Flooring Companies
- Municipal Developers; Public Art

Tiles will be marked on the back as a guide for placement. Each tile mural is made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

We recommend using unsanded grout for tiles that are 1/8" apart. The difference between sanded and unsanded grout is explained here:

Please refer to these links for TILE MURAL INSTALLATIONS or hire an expert.
How to Install Ceramic Wall Tile
You tube video

Colors in digital images on the computer or cell phone may vary slightly from a the finished product. Art is not shown to scale.

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